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My name is Remi. I think I'm a little, but I haven't fully developed a little space though and my fiance has no idea that I want to be one. He is a great caretaker, but a year into our relationship I brought up littles and he was super weirded out that I liked the stuff. I told him I didn't like the stuff and I stopped thinking about being a little until recently. It has been 4 years since then. How do I tell him, I want to be a little?
I can see how it would make you hesitate based on his reaction the last time you brought it up, but if you're going to be marrying this person, I think it's only fair that he know. Keeping a part of you that is so important to you from him would put a strain on what you have, because you would likely never stop wondering if it would be different between you both if he knew.

He might be wierded out because he associates it with all of those pesky stereotypes and such; maybe enlightening him will help? I would hope that he would be able to at least sit down and listen to an actual little define what it's all about. When I told my wife, I pretty much just came out and told her; it helped that she was already aware of my more child-like demeanor, and I told her this is just the technical term for it. I told her it didn't mean she had to be my 'mommy' or any such thing; just that I enjoy being in a smaller state of mind and doing things that make me happy that happen to be associated with 5-10 year-olds. Pretty much her reaction was that if it made me happy, she was happy.

I know it can be scary, but I really hope he sees how much it means to you that you can be your true self around him.
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