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Hello! I'm just discovering what littlespace is, and am new to it all. I've been going back and forth with telling myself it's okay to slip into my headspace, but it's also been hard to sometimes tell when it's happening or pulling myself out of it when I need to. I have to act adultlike whenever I'm around people, and it gets really draining. So when I get to be in my own space and enjoy little things I'm happy, but focusing on timing is hard. Any advice on controlling it?

I want to try and talk to my two best friends about it, but we've grown up in an area that isn't very open-minded. I'm scared that they'll judge me or see the little lifestyle in a bad way instead of it helping me cope or be happier. They know I'm more 'childlike' when it's just us three, but I don't think they know why. Any advice?

Thank you!
-rae :pinkh: :splode:
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