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🤔 Im pretty sure I always felt little, but it took until a few months back to understand and learn about little space. One day I stumbled across stuff about little space and it kinda clicked that "heyyyyy dats me!" So basically it was a recent discovery that has helped me a lot. 😀
I was around 19 when I started feeling an emptiness inside like I really missed my childhood...but in a lot of ways i've always been little. My mental illness started when people were forcing me to "grow up" and I tried to seek comfort in any way I could while trying to grow up. Around when I was 20 I started learning about "ageplay" and ABDL but I didn't want to have anything to do with the sexual aspects of it which really put me felt hard to find resources back then for those who regress just to cope and for the fun of it. When I was 25 I rediscovered it in a way and still felt a need to be little. I discovered the terms "little" and "littlespace" around then and felt an identification with them. I had an account with that one BDSM community website and met a mommy who turned out to be really mean a week after meeting her. I buried my little self and I tried to get by the next few years being pushed around from one horrible living arrangement to another, my depression getting worse, and finding it hard to enjoy anything at all. Over the past few months i've started to realize that regressing and being little can make me very happy when nothing else does and now I just want to be my real little self. At the same time though I don't want to be alone as I have feelings of isolation often even while living with my best friend. I just want to be a very little girl and have other friends who are like me too.
im sorry to hear you struggle but so happy you found happiness in your little space :) im going through a lot right now with depression and anxiety and heartbreak because my daddy really hurt me and just like you said my little space makes me happy and feel okay when nothing else can.
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