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Discussing the difference between ABs and DLs

Traditionally, AB/DL and Regression are seen as paraphilias. We mean, even Wikipedia categorizes it as such. However, as the community continues to grow, we feel that it is no longer appropriate to think of our activities and tendencies as adult interests.

Diapers are an essential part of regression for many members in the community, including ourselves. We choose to make them part of our daily life even. How is attraction to an object, such as diapers, equate to a personality trait?

Adult Pacifiers have grown in popularity. Why isn't there a term for this? Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Pacifier Lover. That doesn't make sense! You don't need to be a Little to have attractions towards items linked to regression. Liking diapers or having sexual attraction to them isn't the same as wearing them as a choice to reflect your inner Little self.

We're not trying to say that diapers shouldn't be sexual - we understand that using diapers in sexual situations is commonplace among Regressors. What we're trying to say is that Diaper Lover is a term that needs to be revisited to better represent the shape that the community has taken.

And we are suggesting to move away of being so diaper-centric. Bio-babies aren't defined by diapers, and Adult Babies shouldn't either. There's so much more to being a Little and a Regressor than wearing X clothes and participating in Y trends.

What do you think?
i agree so much with this! i've always thought that ab's and dl's can be separate things. i've come across many people who just have a diaper adult interest but aren't ab, and people who are ab but don't like diapers! i believe that everybody's ab experience is different and unique to them, because everybody's personality is different and unique to them! i think the diaper lover should be taken out of the adult baby and be its own separate thing, so that one who is an ab doesn't feel like they NEED to be a dl, and one who is a dl doesn't need to be tied to the ab community if that isn't what they want.
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