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when in little space, I tend to want to snuggle and hold onto my plushy. I have a hard time doing much else though as my brain runs rampant all the time. I try to play kids games and watch cartoons. Thing of it is, I basically watch cartoons all the time so I'm not sure if I can say it's something I do in LS alone. ::p:
I want snuggles all the time but I don't like people, but I want to be held. I have the same feeling about kids shows but instead I watch vampire shows and then later watch kid shows. Sorry I'm new here
By Deleted User 59067
My favorite is being admired while wanting to be the overhead of astonishment , whezzled into a crunch packed with fresh powdered snow that lays fresh on its new settlement in a cozy diaper. :paci:
Hi hi, when I'm in little space I like to colour and watch cartoons like pokemon and steven universe. I also like to snuggle and rearrange my stuffies, my favourites are my doggy snuffles, my dinosaur speckles and my sloth. I also like to drink apple juice and eat nuggies :hi: :nodyes: :pheart:
Coloring is where it's at in my littlespace. ^^ I also like to make glitter pictures and I just bought some discounted playdoh on a whim for me to play with. I put on some Disney music and either draw or color, and I sometimes bring snacks in with me, like dry cereal. I also play lots of Fortnite, as it's easy and tons of fun. ^_^
Hi :hi:
When I'm in littlespace I like to watch anime like Sherlock Hound and Shugo Chara, or Disney movies while eating cheerios and cuddling my stuffed animal. I also like to play with my cat and color in my coloring books. I even like to just listen to music and unwind by thinking and talking little to myself.
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