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I've known I'm a little bit I don't know how to explain to my husband what I need. He's willing to be there for me and always is. I like hair bows and bright makeup, love stuffed animals and love to sleep with them. Sometimes I get really upset about something I shouldn't be upset about but can't help it and pout, little things excite me ( like I just found it Cheerios made heart shape :heart: Cheerios!!) I'm still trying to figure out what I want and it's frustrating. I'm not into diapers and being a little all the time. There's just times I need to. I need to be hugged and boo-boos kissed, I do like Binky's :pacy: though. I just feel so confused. If someone maybe had questions to help me figure out where I'm going, what I want, how to convey these feelings I would appreciate it!!! Thank you

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