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I’m in a long-distance relationship with my Daddy. We’ve been together for several months, and I’m completely head over heels in love with him and it’s extremely obvious he loves me. There’s not only a huge geographical distance between us, but he’s also several years older than me....and he’s married.

We started out as “Teacher and Student” and it developed from there. He’s absolutely everything I ever wanted in a Daddy and more.

He’s been upfront about his relationship with his wife since day one. They’re Christian and he stays with her because religious beliefs and he doesn’t want to devastate their family by leaving. They’ve slept in different rooms for years. She’s not into any form of kink/CGL/Submission at all, and that’s been a major point of contempt within their marriage. I’m not the first little he’s had.

I knew what I was getting into before I ever agreed to be his little. But I never realized I’d feel “second place”. It hurts soooo much. Being his little means I have to give up so much of my future. I’ve always wanted to have children of my own...but that can never happen with him. I would love to come home every day and be able to run into my Daddy’s arms and cuddle...but I can’t. I can’t even call him except on rare occasions.

He’s my everything. I don’t want to end it before it’s hardly begun, but I’m so lost. I don’t feel like I can talk to him about this because I really don’t want to hurt him like that.

Can anyone help me? I would love some insight, some advice. I’m a horrible overthinker, so if you see that here, please tell me. This is killing me.
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By admin
Hi, HisBabyB:

We will not assist people in establishing or furthering a relationship based on infidelity. If his wife is not aware and consenting to him carrying on a relationship with another person then we do not support that secondary relationship. We only support ethical, consensual polyamory when it comes to relationships of more than two persons. He needs to gain his wife's consent first and foremost, and we will happily support your relationship as well.

Please encourage this married man to talk with his spouse that he committed to through marriage first. Many people are surprisingly open to polyamory or forms of non-monogamy. Just as you deserve the respect in feeling truly loved and cared about by a partner you’re choosing to commit to his spouse deserves respect and to be able to give consent to him connecting with other people outside of the legal commitment he made to her. If he’s not able to bring this topic up with her then he needs to seek a professional marriage counselor. Random strangers on a free forum don't know all the ins and outs of the marital relationship and possible struggles with communication, honesty, or anything else the established couple has faced together. In all likelihood, you honestly don’t either.

Aside from that advice, redirect yourself to a more suitable site for any advice regarding marital affairs. We don't exist to help a married man successfully cheat or for you to feel good about participating in a non-consensual affair.

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