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By LittleHarley
Little, Switch, or Caregiver?! Help me figure out what’s going on please!

Okay so basically long story short I have always been a little, I never really associated with the term little or even knew about a community that I fit in to until maybe the last year or so.... but then about 2 or so years ago I had a friend ask me to be their mummy and humiliate them for being in diapers etc, this didn’t make me overly comfortable being the humiliated side of it all but then I did really enjoy being mummy. I love love love to dress up in wet look/latex/dominatrix wear however that’s only here and there, more than that I usually am still very very little I love my sucky/pacci and I love my stuffys and pastel colours and colouring in books and my mr bear bear so I’m a bit confused because really I am a baby girl but I love to act dom sometimes ... I don’t what I’m asking but I guess maybe just for anyone to help me understand or even anyone in the same position to chat with to maybe figure out what’s what ? :heart: :remind:

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