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I had an uncomfortable littlespace nightmare

Posted: |November 2nd, 2019|, 5:04 pm
by HihoJamu
Honestly I feel like I need to vent this. I don't normally dream about myself. When I do it tends to be uncomfortable nightmares like tonight. Basically my bio parents who are very anti everything immaturity. Decided to punish me by treating me like a toddler. I hated everything about it and it felt extremely uncomfortable being scolded like a 2 year old and being told not to do something and stuff as if I was a toddler.

You would think I would love being able to be immature, but it felt so icky and i feel like it has soured the idea of being little. But, on the other hand it was all the restrictions and none of the fun parts you know? I was just told not to do this or that, being forced to hold hands in public and talked as if I was a toddler in front of normal people I see every day. It wasn't like i was allowed to play with toys or have any real fun.

I'm trying to tell myself it's different for many reasons, but it does worry me a little specially since I normally have a lot of trouble with feeling little and only just (after the nightmare) realize how I've had bad concept of what littlespace really was. The idea of holding hands with a caretaker mama girlfriend, and her treating me like a little girl in public normally makes me feel all gooey. So it's not like i have an issue with the idea of being little in public.

Thank you for reading

Re: I had an uncomfortable littlespace nightmare

Posted: |November 14th, 2019|, 2:37 pm
by HunniDu
Well it sounds like your parents where more focused on making you feel restricted and humiliated which is the ikkey opposite of what being little is for most people. It wasn't invited or consenting for you so of course you disliked it. I have an opposition to diapers for the same reason. My mom would make me go to school in diapers as a punishment and it was hard for me because most of the other kids already shunned me or made fun of me for reasons I couldn't understand.. I was scared of socializing. So kids found me awkward and poked a lot of fun when teachers wernt around

Re: I had an uncomfortable littlespace nightmare

Posted: |November 14th, 2019|, 5:47 pm
by HihoJamu
Ah! Thank you! And yah that was going on in my fream. I'm sorry you went though that, I hope you're doing better.