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By Cinder
The closest Topic I could find was dated 3 years ago with no replies.
So I'll try a new one.

I am currently in the process of making a task list for my little. The app, 'Ourhome' is what I am using. Allowing both her to check off chores and tasks and earn points for additional rewards. Such as a stuffie, allowance, and clothing.

As of now I have a few things such as 'Morning/Night/Greeting, Studying 2 times a week when a exam is coming up. Eating dinner and lunch, lining up her stuffies every morning.'

I have also certain things that correspond to her likes. Such as her photography. So taking a picture, and sending it to me. Up to 5 times a day for points. As well as sending snap chat pictures. Additionally because she draws, I have one for 3 times a week, too draw a picture for me.

Now. What I'd like from the community, is additional tasks from the littles, that they enjoy, or keeps them occupied when their CG isnt around.

From the Doms, rewards, and punishments.

Keep in mind. My current relationship is one that is a mix of Long and Close. My profession keeps me from home 2-3 weeks, with 2-3 days at home.

Conclusion- Additional tasks. Rewards. And punishments.

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