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Hello peoples! I've been really looking for some more stability and routine when it comes to my own littlespace time and thinking about picking up some routinely "things" I can do to make my little side more involved in my day to day life.

That being said I'd love to hear about any of your peoples routines or habits that you established that help you get into or feel little during your normal life, or just an activity or thing you try to do every so often that makes you happy!

Just a few examples I was brainstorming:
*Watch one of my favorite cartoons before bed each night
*Sleeping with my favorite stuffie every night
*Having a sippy of juice whenever I finish homework or come back from the gym
*Pullups on weekend nights

If theres anything you do that you look forward to i'd love to hear it!
We lay down with Mommy every night to nurse and sleep together.
When we wake up, we make sure to let our Mommy know that we're up. Sometimes we are a bit fussy and she helps us feel all better for the start of the day.
Changing our diapers is a habit that is almost inherently babyish. We wear them 24/7, so that's an often occurrence.

For visibility, we suggest you go to Self Care article for more ideas on what to do to be the very best Little you can be to yourself!
When I'm alone in the house I like to have some dinner so I'm warm and full, otherwise I'll have a snack of peanut butter or grapes. I love love love colouring! I have lotsa different pens and crayons and stuff I use, but I also like to play games on my switch or laptop (I have a different profile for little me) or watch animated movies with as few scary parts as possible. :sick:
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