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Ah, no fun! I'm sorry you've gotta hide, but there's still lots of options, I think!

Some fun things I like when I've gotta keep it on the DL:

- Colorful shoelaces! I have a set with balloons on them but when they're all laced up you can hardly tell!

- Fun mugs! I kinda collect these, but it seems like no one looks twice at a silly coffee mug. My current favorite has a unicorn on it and says "I don't believe in humans", ha!

- Nifty keychains! These are usually small, hardly notice-worthy, and fun to fiddle with! The edamame ones are the best!!

-Really, any kind of fidget toy that fits in a pocket is a nice thing to have, not to mention easy to hide!

And last but not least...

CANDY! Easy to get rid of (in your tummy) and, well...candy! I keep a giant bag of dum dums in my little stuff and always have a few on me just in case.

Hope any of this helps, and stay awesome!


PS: It might be helpful to try to convince the 'rents that chewy necklaces/stim items aren't 'just for people who are autistic'. They've been proven helpful to folks with severe anxiety and other disorders (I have BFRB's and fidgets are a literal lifesaver). Just a thought, good luck to you!

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@TinySelf, Thank you for the cute ideas specially the shoelashes I never thought of it. while mug idea was cute I have an issue with using cups, so I recycle gatorade's squirt bottles! Sometimes I pretend they are a weird sippy cup baby bottle hybrid. I've seen the edamame keychains before I had to look them up because I didn't know the name they are really cute. I eat a lot of candy mostly chocolate and gummies since my parents don't approve of hard candy (never did) and will mention how I'm ruining my teeth when I get blow pops and stuff.

I've tried getting them to understand, fidget toys, chewy necklaces and stim items aren't just for people with autism, and they know it helps with anxiety, but they know how much self control I have over my own issues and say things like how I don't need them cause it's just a waste of money. They just are like you don't need them. Even if i had the "right" issues to use those things they would still say how I'm not severe enough or because I have my own mental health issues so together many people who know me wouldn't even realize I have issues

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