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Responsible while little

Posted: |July 6th, 2019|, 4:14 am
by IttyBittyGhosty
So I recently found out for sure that while little i'm more responsible than I am normally. Like i'll want to clean my room when I normally would have to force myself to. Does this happen with anyone else? :-?:

Re: Responsible while little

Posted: |July 6th, 2019|, 6:18 pm
by CosmianAndNovella
We can certainly see how that can be a possibility.

We are very lazy by nature. We prefer being static, not being very independent and mobile. That goes for us being in and out of Littlespace.

But we could see how it would be easier for people to find more reasons to be motivated during regression, rather than attempting to be responsible for the sake of adulthood.

It is much easier to motivate children with simple goals and prizes, not so much for adults. It can make sense for some Littles as well to feel that way.