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By Babytyler
I’ve been a little for a little over 5 years and I’ve never had one mommy.. not one.. I don’t know how to get one.. I need help..
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By admin

This is a question on our FAQ.

In short, a Caregiver is a partner just like anyone else. We are not just that label, and we are each individuals with our own interests and preferences too. There is so much to being seriously romantically compatible with another person. Any good dating advice applies to partnering up with one of any gender. There is no special voodoo magic to it. If you're not finding success then you should re-evaluate where you are looking, your approach to prospective partners, and your own personal dating skills (Google has a wide variety by typing in something like "best dating tips" and you can pull up YouTube videos of "best dating advice" outright explaining good tips that may be useful for more visual learners).

You may need to work on conversational skills, manners, initial impressions you make, or any number of important points so I can't really say where you're going wrong necessarily but can point you to general advice to get you started if you take it seriously.

I can also tell you to keep hope, and keep making personal improvements on yourself. Five years attempting to find a solid partner is really not an extreme amount of time at all. You'd rather find someone who takes your relationship seriously than someone who makes a fling of it just because they have one label you like. Just because you find a Mommy doesn't mean you should actually be with that Mommy because, again, compatibility extends far past one label a person has on themselves. A Mommy is not necessarily your Mommy. Many people take a decade or more to partner up into something that is worthwhile and lasts. I am 32, have been a part of the community since about 2001, and only just now finding solid relationships. Oh, and, yeah, I'm a Mommy so that point extends well past adult babies and littles. Most people have to search, struggle, and grow to be able to find someone who makes their heart the happiest it's ever felt.

Also, there are already topics about finding a partner in the community that you can search through, and there is an actual CGL based dating site (free) to explore. I think my advice covers the basic points though.

Thank you.

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