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By MrRyan
Had a post removed for introducing myself as Mr Ryan.
What was I suppose to introduce myself as? Would you like me to post my full name and social security number for it to be accepted?
I won't be back! :sleep:
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By admin
Hi, MrRyan:

I believe you are quite mistaken in your assumption. You had a post removed because you chose to post sexually explicit material on a PG-13 rated board. It had nothing to do with your username and I cannot figure out why you would think it was related since MrRyan is hardly an offensive username selection. I'm sorry there was a misunderstanding about the removal reason.

Your introduction was also rejected for that same reason though. It seemed weird to me that you felt the need to post about your fantasy even a second time, much less a third. I responded to you after you posted the fantasy (albeit much more watered down by this point) yet again, and I removed the inappropriate content from the site.

This isn't a sexual fantasy site. Please go elsewhere if you want to write about your erotic fantasy. I don't have any problem with written materials such as that but this isn't the place for it. We aren't here to discuss sexual fantasies, but there are places online that are designed for that purpose.

As I told you previously:
Out of respect for the other members here, please don't bother to share the build up of your private sexual fantasies on our PG-13 board. A bunch of strangers (acquaintances at best since you've only been registered for 16 hours) really don't want to use their imaginations about what gets you off. We're really not interested in what you're thinking of during your private play time. This isn't what our community site is intended to promote, and we're just not a site for sharing scenarios of sexual fantasies or fet-ishes.

There are plenty of erotic storytelling and fet-ish sites that are open to you sharing your fantasies though if you want to search Google for a place more appropriate.


Lastly, it would be really sweet of you if you were more mindful of making false statements about our site. I understand you had a misunderstanding about the removal of your post, and perhaps overall about the content rating objective of the site, but yesterday in the chat room you also claimed you had no way of contacting me about an error you were receiving. What makes that a bit of a fib is that I had received an email from you only a few hours before that claim was made. Please check your inbox and spam folders for my reply, as it was sent about an hour and a half after receiving your message. My reply was rather short because I simply asked for more information to be able to investigate your issue. You did have a way to contact me though, and I did respond to you in a reasonable time frame. I have not received your reply yet so perhaps my message has gotten lost in your spam folder or it was overlooked in your inbox. Please do check into it if you still need error resolution.

Best of luck elsewhere.

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