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Hey so I need some advice. My first proper experience of being a little with a daddy was awful, for me being little was a completely non sexual thing and discovering this world and who I was was a life changing moment. But sadly I had a daddy who liked it in the complete opposite way to me and because he was the one to help me realise I was little and I loved him, I went along with it for abit. But then things started creeping up that had me second guessing everything, like when we were talking about what age I thought I was in little space and I gave it a lot of thought and time in little space, but when I told him he was disappointed and wanted me to be younger so I agreed. And it was little things like that, he wanted diapers I didn't but I wore them.

And the after care never existed, it started off with a bit but then there was little zero... It left me feeling so empty inside and made me feel like living like this was wrong and it completely ruined my opinion of being little and having a daddy, to the point that I don't think I'll ever be able to use the word daddy again with any future caregivers as it's been tarnished by his attentions. His way of doing things left me feeling dirty, used and shameful. My mental health suffered and so did everything else. And it didn't help that he cheated on me at least twice which knocked my confidence even more. So I gave up on being a little, Coz my whole perspective of it was ruined.

We finally broke up and I was clearly stuff out when I came across some of my little belongings so I messaged my friend who was also a little to see if they needed it and after a long talk, she really helped me and made me realise that the issue was being little it was how he made it feel for me.

So now I want to start getting back into little space again, but I'm struggling and need advice on what to do to help me recover from a bad experience with a daddy and find my little space again.


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First of all, that is awful and I am very sorry for your bad experience. It is good that now you are recognizing your boundaries and I hope that if you have a future partner, they will respect them. It is hard, but you must be firm with what you deem is okay. One of my ex's abused my submissive nature, so I sympathize with you immensely.

As to get back into little space, that may be tricky. You went through a traumatic experience. I would suggest maybe the best thing you can do is try to enjoy the things YOU like in little space. That could be coloring, movies, or games. See if you still enjoy those activities. Also, maybe it would be helpful to spend time, online or in real life, with other littles. I know that we have a strong community here and are very supportive. Maybe it will help you feel comfortable and safe in your little space again.

Remember, don't feel like you have to push yourself, take your time. If you need anyone to talk to, I know I am more than willing to talk. I hope you are okay! :heart:

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