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By Leinah
For about half a year now, I have been exploring my little self and what it is like to be in a ddlg/cgl relationship. Recently, I found a really cute onesie online that looks super comfy to sleep in, but I am a little nervous... What if daddy doesn't like it? :>.<: We never did that much dress up before, so it is new. Should I ask him and try it out ? Also, do any of you guys like them? :-?:

Please share anything that will help! Thank you :pinkh:
There are different types of onesies, and I'm not sure which kind you found. I have one that's basically like footie pajamas for adults, but without the feet. It is ridiculously comfy and great for PJs or just being around the house. They're often made to look like different animals or cartoon characters.

There are also onesies that generally don't have legs, like adult-sized baby outfit, often with snaps at the crotch. I don't have any, but I know both styles are popular with people on this site. I guess if you're nervous about it, I'd go for the footie-pajama kind because I know even non-littles get those; they're quite popular right now. But ultimately, it's up to whatever you like best.

As far as whether your daddy will like it or not, I'd say just go for it. If something makes you happy, he shouldn't have a problem with it. You have to do things and buy things that make you feel good, regardless of what other people think, especially something like a onesie that will help you feel more connected to your little side!
Thank you! I found one like the footie pajamas you talked about that looked like a bear. I thought it would be nice for bed or naps. I think he will be okay with it, and if we wanted to move on to other types in the future, we would discuss it.
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