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Good morning all! Please bear with me as I learn the rules, and direct or coach me as needed.

My name is Adam. :) I’m 27 years old, and have always been an extremely social person. I love to talk to people and make friends. I truly enjoy being kind to people; I don’t believe there is enough of it in this world. I happen to live in the south United States (AR specifically) and I have waist length dreadlocks I’ve been growing out for 13 years! Needless to say, this gets some unwanted attention from some bigoted people sometimes.

I am also in an aggressive sales position as far as career goes. I have to be on my game more often than not if I want to bring home money to provide for my fiancé and sweet sweet puppy dog (Mini dachshund named doc :heart: )

My partner is a wonderful person who I think just doesn’t have the drive or motivation to get up and get things done to completion. A lot of half booty work.

All of this (and if the rules allow I can explain my mommy issues as well) combines to me feeling exhausted. I don’t want to have to take care of everyone all the time. I do it because I have to. I just want to give up control and ‘let someone else drive’ sometimes.

I LOVE watching and reading science fiction things. Altered carbon on netflix was great enough to watch twice and then order the book (still reading). I love the Star Trek series, Discovery has been an interesting take on the universe! I also like playing video games, like Destiny and Skyrim. Well I really used to, but I feel like it’s just another thing I have to control so I don’t play but maybe once or twice a week.

I’ve spent several months looking at different things like BDSM or dominatrix. I want a woman to make decisions for me, take a little bit of control, and take care of me while still appreciating the work I do to please and serve. But a lot of BDSM is very physical punishment focused, and less reward based and disciplined. I crave those things. I want to be rewarded for what I do. Appreciated. And then taken care of in return. I want to be able to mow the lawn and then come in to get my feet squeezed for 5 minutes. I want to squeeze her feet and make her feel appreciated too. But I also want to be reminded and disciplined for, say, forgetting to unload the dishwasher. In my search though, I find myself drawn to Mommy Domme. And I find a sexual satisfaction in something as simple as induced lactation. It feels like a reward for making her happy. And at the same time it’s like giving up power and control to allow a woman to make me please her, and get HER milk on my face.

I’m not sure where I fall, I feel like mommy dommes are looking to take care of little boys? But I don’t want to feel like a little boy, I guess I just want to feel like a nurtured young adult who gets to play games, watch movies, do a LITTLE BIT of work to take care of a home, and get rewarded for doing it.

Can someone help point me towards community or forums to research? Or does my desire fit in this community at all? I hope so..

I’m really sorry for being so long-winded but I feel like I’d like you to get to know me, and that might allow for some honest pointers on community? Thanks! Looking forward to interacting with you all.
LearningLittle wrote: 1 year ago But I don’t want to feel like a little boy

Regression age-ranges fall anywhere from infantile throughout teenage years. You wouldn't just blanketly assume the role of a small child just because you have a regressive personality trait. Perhaps you fit more along the lines of an "adult teen", for example, and your regression mimics that of a teenager who is still learning (or struggling at times, even) to become an adult (and, is provided more rewards for, say, chores or disciplined for not tending to those chores as they've been told).

Regression is also not something someone necessarily turns on and off. Sometimes it is someone's literal core personality and it's difficult for them to even see that they haven't really matured into adulthood. Sometimes people experience deeper "bursts" of regression, where sometimes they indulge in the regressive trait more than they typically do on a functioning daily level.
I almost feel like your mentioning of your preferred sexual scenarios as "bursts" of heavier regression, but that, generally, you're always a bit immature in your personal life. I only know what you've posted though and, of course, that's extremely limited.

You seem to say you still need structure or you will easily over-indulge in activities like gaming. You also want a reward and punishment system outlined to help you maintain structure and general life-balance. You want another adult to treat you as if you are not exactly an adult (in at least some situations).
Perhaps that last one is most telling in pointing toward not necessarily feeling entirely like a 27 year old adult at all times.
LearningLittle wrote: 1 year ago I guess I just want to feel like a nurtured young adult who gets to play games, watch movies, do a LITTLE BIT of work to take care of a home, and get rewarded for doing it.

This is an atypical adult response, especially for someone coming into their late twenties. Most adults do not seek to be rewarded for performing common daily chores.

Playing video games often seems to coincide with Middle through Adult Teen regression too. Disciplinary actions for chore-neglect may also seem to go along with this age-range moreso than, say, infantile or young-childlike.
There is sort-of the underlying notion that you're "old enough to know better" or "old enough to follow the rules" but still "young enough to need to be told what to do".
Perhaps that helps in your investigation or discovery.

Many regressors also desire to provide for their Caregiver(s) financially in seeking that regression in adulthood balance as well as clearly structured reward system. A regressor can and should do their best to care for and show appreciation to their loved ones. It is not a "taking" role, and there are individual capabilities of care that they should extend to the people who they cherish.
When it comes to biologically aging, a lot of teenagers do tend to want to seek out their first starting jobs in effort to not only have extra money to spend on themselves but also to be able to provide for their low-income family or to buy special presents for friends or family.

I'm not saying that you definitely are or are not a regressor (I wholeheartedly believe only you can make this determination after much self-reflection and review) but I can say that you point to multiple things about your life and your desires for your future that would cause me to suspect you are, at least, an atypical, immatured adult (regardless of your career tasks or successes, of course). I would suggest that perhaps you target less the "little" age-range in regression and consider more strongly the "adult teen" age-range regression while also keeping in mind that regression is not necessarily a change of mind but for many people it is a perpetual component of their immature (in the best way) personality.

Just as there are regressors of all biological ages and all regressive ages, there are Caregiver-types (Mommies, Daddies, etc.) who have similar preferences or seek these individual personalities types as well. Some of us prefer very babyish adults and some of us prefer more teenagery adults. Some of us build small family-units of a small mixture to help with certain tasks in supporting one another. Some of us prefer a very broad age-range of regressive traits while others prefer very pinpointed age regression. Some of us are much more gentle and some of us are much more strict and disciplinary. We come in all types, just like regressors! So, if you ultimately conclude that you are a little, a middle, or an adult teen then I'm positive there are many Mommies who would be interested in getting to know you.

If you don't feel that you, yourself, can see comparisons to being similar to that of a biological teenager then the only other community you seem to mention is the generalized BDSM community. That I'm aware of, there isn't another matching CGL community where an adult parents (or over-parents) another adult in some of the ways you've described outside of BDSM "scenes" that have a start and end.
Thank you very much. I appreciate the honest and thoughtful diagnosis of my feelings. I think that fits perfectly. I miss when I was 16 and 17. It was easy. I got to be myself and expressive, becoming more independent. But always having a fallback of home. I never really got mothered though. My biological mother put me up for adoption and my adoptive mother was an unkind person. I had a wonderful father (adoptive) but I guess I never felt worthy of motherly love. Two mothers rejected me? It’s taken a lot to push the feelings that go with that down..and I guess I just want to be taken care of sometimes.

Would you be able to direct me to the appropriate forum to maybe find mommies to talk to? Maybe at least to just like..unload? Idk if that’s ok to do. I appreciate your words and honest examination.
LearningLittle wrote: 1 year ago Would you be able to direct me to the appropriate forum to maybe find mommies to talk to? Maybe at least to just like..unload? Idk if that’s ok to do. I appreciate your words and honest examination.

Aside from utilizing our site here to have open discussions from Caregivers (Mommies, included; even I, myself, am a Mommy), the only place we would recommend for individual, one-on-one interactions, connections, friendships, and partnerships would be DateCGL. Aside from that, LittlespaceOnline would not know of any reliable resource for such things.
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