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Daddy, tell me a story.
A story about a girl.
I girl who looks like me,
and understands my world.

Daddy, make her pretty!
give her ribbons in her hair,
her hair that shines like gold,
and is fluffy beyond compare.

Daddy, make her clever!
and helpful to you too,
let her make you cookies,
and chocolate milk for two!

Daddy, make her happy!
give her a stuffie and a dream,
give her a pretty purple paci,
and if she’s real good, ice cream!

Daddy, make her smile!
give her tickles and kisses for days!
and take her to the park,
to watch clouds and catch some rays.

Daddy, do you love her?
does she make your heart feel joy?
do your eyes light up when she needs you?
are you happy when she plays coy?

Daddy, I want to be a good girl!
a good girl! like the one in the book!
“but sweetheart, you already are!
as you checkmate with your Rook.
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