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Do you personally feel that being recognized as a "little" (little, middle, adult baby, regressor--whatever identity is most appropriate for you) by friends and/or family is important to your ultimate happiness or do you feel just as accepted and happy with friends and/or family passively accepting you as a more childlike person without knowing or acknowledging the regression label and applying it specifically to you?

Would you feel more accepted as yourself if your friends and/or family knew to also refer to you as a regressive identity?

As an example, let's say that your best friend obviously accepts your childlike traits and even occasional regression around them. You don't have to tell them in specific words that you are childlike because they see it about you sometimes and, obviously, still are good friends with you.
Do you feel it would be even more fulfilling if they knew there was an identifying label (like "little") to apply to you and your regression and acknowledged it, referred to you as having that label?
Or do you feel their passive acceptance of your regressive traits is just as fulfilling without them acknowledging an identifying label?

(In case you weren't aware, you don't have to answer all of the questions asked above. If you can only answer one or just have something to say about the topic then that's okay! We still do want to hear from you. We want to hear your voice in the community!)
We do not personally gain reaffirmation through having uninvolved parties reassuring us of our identity.

Our primary family knows that we are Adult Babies. Years ago they had to do research to understand our tendencies and behaviors. They know that we genuinely have regressive feelings, but they do not know to what extent or how we participate in community activities. We feel it is adequate to simply have their acceptance. As long as we have their respect, we feel happy.

We have friends that know we are Adult Babies. We have mentioned that label to them, and other related labels. In all instances they have agreed that we definitely are representatives of the labels that we carry. However, it is respectful to not expect them to act upon that information. We have told them in efforts to solidify our friendship through truthfulness and trust!

We do value when others around us use the right labels. It means that they respect the community and our identities. But those are not requirements for us to consider friendship!
Since my age regression is mainly an aspect of my mental health identity, the way it interacts with other people can vary quite a bit. One one hand, I would love to be very open about it with all of my loved ones, but on the other hand, I don't necessarily know if that is a realistic goal for me. It definitely isn't a requirement for any of my friends and family to acknowledge my being an age regressor, but those who do know about it are the people who I am absolutely closest with in my life, and I feel that we could not have become so close if I did not tell them. My age regression and regressive tendencies can be extremely hard to spot, especially by people who don't know me very well. Anyone who I haven't outright told about my regression probably doesn't suspect much in terms of me being childish. I feel like my whole situation is pretty rare in the community, but it's my life, I suppose.
In my early years of finding out more about myself I thought it was necessary for people who knew me well and spent a lot of time with me to know about both whom I spend my time with in a relationship matter as well as other aspects of my life. Furry, little and gay. As time went on and I learned more about myself as well as other workings of life, I found less desire to make sure people were aware. Friends I've had for 20 years almost know for the most part. They tend to ask how it is going for me every now and then as we tend to inquire how each other is doing in regards to all aspects of one another lives.

I do not tell people about the aspects of my personal life so much these days as I have learned that it really isn't that important for them to know unless they have a personal interest in me on a more than somewhat social basis delving deeper into my private life. My sexual preference is a given as that's something that comes up in regular conversation with love, relationships and other things. If people are truly curious about kinks and mental wherewithal, then I see no reason to hide the information.

When I first accepted the aspect of the little side, I took my plushy everywhere, wore diapers basically all the time (but did not use them all for everything ie #2) and generally acted like a kid. As I got older I stopped carrying my plushy everywhere (even though I still want to) and I stopped wearing diapers all the time (like work, and all outings regardless of who was with me.) I still act like a big kid because that is just how I behave in all settings unless I am unable to. Being in a position of management makes it more difficult to do such things, but when it's not all business I go back to being silly.

I no longer use these labels to identify myself to others, but that's because it's just who I am as a person. In my perfect world, I'd be a kid all day every day and not have to worry about the run of the mill tasks of everyday life that the average adult deals with. My closest friend whom has been with me as a friend, then a big brother, then a CG when we can see each other knows literally every aspect of my life and helps me if I need it in all matters and I do the same for him and his husband.
Well I would say agree that for me Family isn’t the best if they truly cared they would love and support you I let the cat out of the bag and it was horrible. I don’t mind labels at all it wouldn’t really affect me in the mindset I am having a harder time now that my chat button on this site is broken but I love to still be able to help and answer peoples questions when I can. If they really care about you they are a true friend and those are true friends for life.
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