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Tumblr recently decided to remove adult content from their site. This means that they've already started to remove entire blogs that revolve around sexually explicit material. The CGL community has been impacted by having many personal blogs deleted overnight due to being labeled as "adult content" even when the creator never posted or reblogged anything x-rated aside from used common CGL and littlespace tags.

Some people in the community are very upset to have their online blog removed overnight without warning.
Some people understand the choice and agree that the Tumblr platform was a risk to children in that it could potentially accidentally (or "accidentally") expose a biological child to adult art.

How do you feel about Tumblr choosing to remove little and CGL-related blogs alongside the adult art and sexually explicit blogs? Do you feel it's unfair to have the community lumped into being strictly sexual on social platforms?
Have you had your Tumblr blog removed because of this decision?

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Wooooow, no more adult art on Tumblr?? Good for them! Most of their users are underage anyway.

Mine (no external contact methods allowed) wasn't impacted. I guess because I didn't embrace or discuss any specific labels. I just post things I find cute. This is a good example of the danger of labels. So many dumb Tumblr fights over who belongs in which group. Just do what you like and stop worrying about what you call it. It's the doing that matters, not the talking about doing.

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