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By laughinghaus
Hello everyone, I'm an experienced caregiver however for the first time I'm in a LDR with an inexperienced little and she does not have any idea how to regress and can't really tell me much about how it has happened in the past.

I think it wouldn't be a problem at all if we were able to be physically with each other and explore it together, but because this is LDR I am finding it quite challenging.

I would appreciate any advice on how we can go about figuring this out together in the context of an LDR, thanks!

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I’m not a Caregiver, but I felt like I might be able to be a bit helpful. As a little, knowing that my big cares for me is a huge part of me going into littlespace. When my big talks to me like I’m little, (ie: calling me nicknames/ using words I use when I’m little) it helps me get into the headspace. I think if a little is uncomfortable, it’s hard to get into the headspace and enjoy it properly. Maybe it would help if you started giving her some goals, or things to do, for example: Make sure you brush your teeth, or tell them to take time to do something fun. You guys could find sites to watch cute movies together and video chat. You guys could even send presents back and forth, like one of your hoodies and a stuffy, that can mean alot to a little or sub, knowing that they have something physical to represent they’re safe space.
Hope I could help a little!

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