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By Deleted User 49385
What ever you do! just stay safe! I hope for you everything works out. Maybe it will be wonderful and you will happy! There is always risk with stuff. It's have you considered them all that is the factor you need to think about. Just saying from people I know and stuff that I have seen just don't leap off a cliff blind into something you may not like. Sorry if I sounded like a downer to your meeting! Whole point was I hope it works out but you stay safe! Good luck!

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Well, everything went well! We met for coffee and chatted about random things for a couple hours. None of us had very many questions in addition to what we talked about online. Then I had a work meeting. After that I met them at daddy's dorm and sis and I did lots of snuggling, which was amazing! And we watched Sailor Moon ♥♥♥

My only concern is that since she's a brat to daddy I want to make sure she can actually CG to me. Since we both regress, I'm not sure how exactly it will work out. Daddy definitely likes doing stuff for both of us, but I need legit discipline(not funishments), too, not just being treated.

Anyway. I just wanted to report back that I was safe. Though, it is going to be very, very hard for me to not want to rush into things :-.-:

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