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Do you enjoy “Funishments” or accept Punishments.

A funishment is a punishment that the little actually enjoys and it is part of being a brat to fight back against the rules and then get a spanking. Especially for masochists like me, some punishments are actually more fun and playful, rather than actually useful for correcting bad behaviour. This is why we can distinguish between funishments and actual punishments. Sometimes it’s just the difference between saying “oh you’ve been a baaad girl 😉” and “what you have done is not good, and you have broken the rules,ok” before giving a punishment, and sometimes it’s more the type of punishment. For example, a little might enjoy a sparking funishment, but they might not enjoy having an earlier bed time, or having the phone taken away.

The main difference is that funishments are used for good old fun and games, whereas punishments are used for correcting behaviour and they serve the relationship in a different way. Both forms are completely fine doing, I think it’s just important that we recognise the difference.

What are your punishments? And what type do you think they are?
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I think this is great! I definitely want to act bratty sometimes, but like in a playful way, to get a spanking.

But, I also need legit help with some things. It's a bit embarrassing, but I need to be reminded to do basic things like brush my teeth or take a bath. I think I need help picking out my clothes, too. I buy cute things, but I don't put them together very well. Or, sometimes I play video games for too long and don't get my homework done. So, I definitely need some consequences/punishments cause I'm a mess. But, sometimes I will want funishments.

How should I discuss this with my sis & daddy?

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hey, thanks for your reply! I feel the same way about a lot of things you said . My daddy and I have a few basic rules that we have discussed and a list of punishments that he would choose from depending on how I may have broke the rules. We also have a list of funishments that are to be used for fun times only.

But before we had made these lists, it was very difficult to communicate needs in terms of punishments within our relationship. There were multiple times were daddy punished me for something I did wrong and needed to stop doing, but because I always enjoyed the punishment. It made me feel more inclined to do the bad thing... and that wasn’t good. I will never be able to correct my behaviour if the punishment I get is a sparking, because I’m just too much of a masochist.
We as a couple basically had to test out different punishments and I had to give feedback on how it made me feel. I mainly had three reactions 1) this made me feel bratty and it was fun, 2) this was not fun, boring, and I didn’t want to have to endure this again, 3) this made me feel really bad about what I had done.. I felt guilty that you had to do this punishment.
I find with punishments that number 2 is best for correcting behaviour, and 3 can work, but it also can be damaging and cause unnecessary guilt. Basically you just need to test the waters and communicate with your partner what works and what doesn’t.
Also, Evie Lupine on YouTube had made various punishment videos (on of which I was basing my original post off of) and they may be helpful to understand better or maybe show your partner/s.

Sorry I realise I went on a bit here lol
Best wishes <3

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No, it wasn't too long! Thank you so much for the info ♥

I'll check out the video when I get a chance, but for now can you give some examples of punishments that fit those three types. Because so far the only things I can think of is physical (too fun) or denying me things... which might not work since I don't live with them.

Also, when it comes to bio-kids I believe in consequences over punishments. For example, if they color on the walls, you have them "help" clean it up. They will get bored really fast and realize that having to clean up ones own messes sucks, so maybe don't make so many messes. But, that's all just theory. I've taken care of kids, but don't have my own. And also, I don't know how much that can be applied to me and the things I need to get better at.

Anyway, thanks for all your great advice for me today ♥

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- Taking away privileges (no phone,internet,early bedtime,no sweets,stuffies taken away, no ‘fun times’)
- Boring/tedious tasks (writing lines, cleaning room, difficult math problems, etc)
- Uncomfortable situations (wearing wet socks all day, kneeling in rice (and having to pick each individual grain up afterwards?), Mouth soaping, Hot sauce, lemon

- spanking
- tickling
- teasing/edging

Like I said before though, test things out in real life circumstances to see if they are giving the desired effect


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