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Rules for Caregivers?

Posted: |November 8th, 2018|, 2:07 am
by PrincessAimee
Hi all,
I'm curious as to if you all have rules for your daddy or cg, not rules as in your in charge but more like things they aren't allowed to do to you at certain times, or the types of limits on punishments. Me and my daddy are setting more ground rules now that I'm back from university so things have to be a bit different as we will be living together and not just seeing one another every 5-6 weeks. Anybody have things they do with their daddy they are willing to share ?

Re: Rules ?

Posted: |November 8th, 2018|, 3:06 am
by LittleLena

I find the idea of giving your daddy rules interesting. I don’t really think rules would work for that sort of dynamic but everyone is different. It seems though like you are talking more about limits/boundaries in the relationship, rather than rules just for your daddy

Evie Lupine has some informative and interesting videos on this sort of topic, you may like to check them out:
(They are more General BDSM dynamic themed, but you may find them interesting)

yes no maybe list :
can you punish your dom?:
Limits and boundaries:

I think it’s very important in a DDlg/Ds relationship to set limits, especially for me in terms of what we can and can’t say/do in public, and some sexual boundaries too. A yes/no/maybe list is good for this sort of thing, especially if you lean more that way.

So yeah, I don’t particularly have any rules specifically for my daddy. But there are general guidelines that he and I follow in the relationship.

Best Wishes <3

Re: Rules for Caregivers?

Posted: |November 8th, 2018|, 6:11 pm
by PrincessAimee
Thankyou! I did mean more like limits and boundaries but I couldn't find the right words for it, I'm glad you understood enough to point me in the right direction. Thankyouuuu <3