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By pwincessmommy
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So I'm a switch and I've been having a hard time regressing lately. My partner (who is also a switch) has been regressing a lot recently and I haven't been able to find any time to regress because I've been taking care of him while he's little. I usually go little when I'm really happy or I've been having a bad day so I can make everything feel better, but I haven't been able to do that because I haven't had any time. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about finding the time to regress or talking to my partner about taking turns regressing in a way that won't hurt his feelings. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! ::3:

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By LittleLena
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Have you two ever tried regressing together at the same time? It could be fun to be little a do activities like colouring together.
If that isnt really an option then maybe you could talk with your partner about setting a schedule and certain times per day or per week where you each get to regress with the other looking after. You could plan certain activities like movies or trips to the park or something to make it more fun to plan.

But if you really arnt able to get into the headspace then dont try and force it too much, maybe you just need to wait for a time where it feels natural?
Whatever you choose to do, communicating it openly to your partner is the best thing to do. Try not to make it seem like you are annoyed that they get all the regression time and its thier fault.

also this site I find is really good for getting into the headspace. Its very cute online games:

Best Wishes <3

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