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Hello everyone. Recently I've been playing a lot of a game called Maple Story 2. It has a lot of anime, cute, and Little/CGL theme to it on both the developers end and a community level. It's a fantasy RPG style game but there there is also ways to play music based on midi's and there is a fairly in depth house design element as well. The player community can design and sell custom skins (ways to look) and there is already a lot of Daddy/Mommy based player created items as well as Daddy's girl type items (not so much Daddy's or Mamma's Boy). There are groups of people that use it as a hang out place already.

It's a steam based game and the game itself is free to play. To get player custom based items does cost real money but not a horrible amount. Unless you intend to spend a fairly large about you should stay away from the developers cash items though. In addition if (unlike me) you have some talent with computer art design you can make the in game currency (skins/for looks) selling items you designed to others.

Like everywhere else we'd need to use discretion in little/dd/abdl behavior or talk outside of the organization or homes of other members and be polite to others who don't wish to be part of our lifestyle. Also as a word of warning the community can at times behave more like the 4chan form (Trollish) so it's important to just shrug it off it times. However, there are also a lot of pro LBGT people that are willing to argue with the trolls.

Anyway I'd encourage people to check it out if any of this sounds interesting to you as a possible way to get together in addition to this forum.

:heart: Hugs :heart:

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I hate to be a no-fun type of person, but I'd rather keep myself away from this game (and any iterations of it) due to the fact that it's a grindfest of a MMO game, and you're doing what they want you to do. You're freely encouraging people to spend their hard earned cash on a game they'll eventually get bored with, under the guise of "it's your own choice". Yeah, it is, but I wouldn't encourage it. Spend or save your money for things that are actually tangible is usually how I think, especially since I sunk over $100 in my League of Legends account over a good few years and here I am not having any interest in the game anymore, but I'm stuck having to protect my account due to how expensive it is (and Riot isn't very helpful if you lose access to your account, nor can you sell your account technically.)

What I said was my opinion in the end, so if anyone really wants to play MapleStory 2 for themselves or spend whatever they want in it, that's not my business, you do you! I will suggest another MMO that I've been in and out of since it was shut down, and that's ToonTown. A team of fans have taken public assets and have made "ToonTown: Rewritten", a way to keep the OG DIsney MMO alive! There's also a beta for Pirates Online, another fan developed game that's revived the OG PIrates of the Carribean MMO that Disney made too. I figured to make note of these since these are also free to play games, but more importantly they're also under games that we've definitely played either growing up or just playing in the last decade(s).

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Either way just wanted to put it out there. But your right as far as MMO's go it isn't great but I've played a bunch of it and it seems to be more socially oriented then others I've played which is why I thought it might be up for consideration.

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