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So I'm a very caring little and I always baby my daddy and he said he's never acted so childish with anyone before. Today I asked him if I can collar him with a collar that says kitten. He said yes! From the start of meeting him, I've thought of him as a kitten boy. I want to start a mdlb relationship with him.. But minus the mommy part because we'd both be disturbed by that.. Would we be more owner/pet??

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Well, you could squish his cheeks and give him the treatment that he gives you. When I do that to my Daddy he giggles like a little boy. Or maybe you can ask him if you could pretend to be the caregiver for the day.

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so you are already in a DDlg relationship with him where you are the little, right? and now you want him to be your/kitten/pet/little boy, and start an MDlb relationship too?

Whatever you decide to do, just try and communicate clearing with him what you are looking for and what calling him 'kitten boy' means to you.
The way I see it there are a few options:

1) If you want to stop being the little and completely change sides, make sure you talk it out.
you could have a trial week of you being the caregiver or owner and him being the little or kitten.
Also it doesn't necessarily have to be one or the other! I myself am a kitten, puppy, and little girl all in one. I just sometimes change from one to the other. Whatever works for you!

If the term "Mommy" makes you cringe, then you don't have to use that word at all. You can ask him to call you a number of substitutes and just label the relationship as CGL. (I personally like being called 'My Queen' when i'm dominant)

2) If you want to keep being his little, but also have him as your little/pet, then you could have certain times when you switch. This could be organised days or just random, depending on your dynamic.

Another interesting option that falls under this could allow you to be a little and him to be your pet. Like a child playing with a kitten, you would both be in your own headspace and you could decide if you wanted the dynamic even (as is there isn't really a caregiver and you are both equal, just ageplaying an petplaying), or you could have it where you are the owner but still a little.

Whatever you decide to do, communicate how you feel about certain situations and test the waters a bit before you commit to rules and a specific dynamic, especially if either of you hasn't played the other role before.

Best Wishes <3

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I may be misreading this, but it sounds to me like you are and want to remain his Little, but you want him to be a kitten and let you take care of him. Some may call me crazy but .. why not?

When I was a child, I was Daddy's Girl and I ALWAYS spoiled him with presents .. cards, pictures, candy, games .. I shared my stuffies with him too. As an adult, I love to spoil my Daddy .. hugs, kisses, snuggles, neck and back massages, bringing him something to eat or drink, washing him in the shower, etc.

Bottom line .. there's no reason why a Little can't spoil their Caregiver.

Flip side .. there's no rule saying that a pet has to be submissive. Even rottweilers need to be fed and bathed and taken for walks -- and they are most definitely a dominant and protective animal, NOT at all submissive.

Overall .. I see no reason why a Little's caregiver can't be their pet :)

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