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Perhaps it's time to try an actual dating site if forums aren't working out for you. DateCGL is the community dating site. I don't mean to toot my own horn here, but there isn't really anything else quite like it for the community right now. Though, that is just saying that there isn't really another dedicated dating site, and I'm aware it isn't "perfect".

Please keep in mind that your special someone is special for a reason. They are quite possibly one of a kind. Even "vanilla" people have to search and put effort into finding their partner. I talk about some important points a little bit more here, as well as my experience as being a Mommy in the community:


For convenience sake (because I'm not sure that people actually even click through on links any more even when suggested) I'll just quote myself:
admin wrote:
8 months ago
Well, I'm absolutely certain Mommies exist because I'm a Mommy-type and have personally met a handful of others identifying as the same.

I'm biologically younger than you, but I've been identifying as a Mommy-type for closer to 15 years now. Other Mommy-types I've met have seemed similar in terms of how long they've been interested in the dynamic. Though, I will say that most Mommy-types I've met have already been long-term paired or fall into long-term relationships quickly when they begin searching for an ABDL or little match online. None of the Mommies I've met have particularly seemed like the casual-connection sort of type and that also may be an area where finding a suitable match for yourself differs from what might be more commonly available.

I know that at least one member here, Littlebird1919, found his Mommy on LittlespaceOnline because they are both members who chatted frequently. We also use to have a moderator who identifies herself as a Mommy. So, there's at least 3 of us who are active on these sites. Other Mommies I've had discussion with have not really been as public on the forums, but I know a few active accounts of Mommy-types do exist on our dating platform.

My guess is that many of us are simply more quiet and private about our interests in the community. Perhaps we are not as eager to present ourselves publicly as Mommies since there is often a heavy sexual stigma attached. Even I have been shy about discussing my identity here on the forum because of the misconceptions that seem to follow along with it. I also experienced a time in my life where I questioned where I truly fell within the CGL community because I don't conform to all of the stereotypical ideas of a domme (though, I feel now that it's where a large difference between being a general domme versus a Mommy domme falls, but that's a separate discussion on it's own).

Nonetheless, these forum sites are perhaps not the best place to really find singles though since they have limits on things like profile descriptions and aren't targeted specifically toward dating or private interactions. Forums were always intended to be a group discussion of sorts and dating is much more of a private one-on-one situation. Of course this is where I would suggest visiting our actual, free community dating site called DateCGL which has been specifically created for individual connections.

(If you have an account there and would want me to I can look it over and give you advice on how to rephrase things or alter public behaviors that may currently be less-than-ideally-appealing in terms of my Mommy-type opinion. It might be a good starting point if no Mommy has given you feedback about your profile and public actions before in the dating world.)

Keep in mind that not only our CGL community has issues with finding certain people on dating sites. Dating sites, even for the average person outside of any specific community, are very popular and very commonly found. Many dating sites even bribe women to create and maintain accounts by offering them free account services, free messaging, and other options that cater specifically to their gender-identity. Women are statistically less inclined to join sites that are perceived as heavily sexual in nature and sometimes dating sites fall into that mix when trying to present as appealing to casual connections too. It's been somewhat recently discovered that many men make the assumption that if a woman has an online dating presence, she’s interested in sleeping with relative strangers and that's a pretty heavy stigma for a woman to face when trying to find a connection that goes far deeper than adult relations. When you take into account that people often relate CGL to strictly just being a branch of BDSM and heavily sexual then it may point toward why some groups that a woman would identify within may be slower in registrations on these publicly accessible sites.
Ultimately, your very special someone is very special for good reason and you're not going to find just anyone that will fill your heart with joy.

I also believe your public activity levels on sites really matter in the long-run. You aren't going to find anyone who sees you naturally shine if you're not letting anyone potentially see you shine. People want to get to know you if they're looking for a real, deep connection and a part of that is interacting "publicly" with you as well. I would strongly encourage you to participate in the forums and on the sites you're searching on, and I don't mean just posting about how to find someone. ;) Actual participation will draw people to you and gain recognition in the community.

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