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Here's a little background:
My daddy and I kept our relationship hidden for the first few months because my family didn't initially approve of us even talking and tried to prevent communication between us. Well my daddy and I went to a hotel a month ago for some alone time and we weren't careful enough and my parents found out. So our relationship was out there and my family lost their trust in me and really didn't like Daddy. My parents threatened him and his family multiple times. I tried to defend him every time but they never listened. Recently my parents did a background check on my daddy and gave underlining threats and he said that that was the last straw. That he loves me but he can't do this right now, he needs to think about his family since he will be a father very soon because he got his ex pregnant. He told me to focus on myself and my life and after all this mess calms down we can reconnect. He asked me to wait for him and he'll wait for me because there's no one else he wants.
So we're on a break. I think that this is probably best for us, to fix ourselves and our situations before we can truly start a stable life together. I trust that he'll stay faithful and focus on his life and situation, but I just really miss my daddy. I've never been on a break before. I don't know how to cope or get past this empty feeling of not being able to talk to him.
Thank you for listening and for any advice you can give, I appreciate it.

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I'm very sorry about all that has happened to you, it must be tough. I hope the past few weeks have been okay to deal with. I've never experienced a break or a rest in a relationship, but i have dealt with breakups, one of which really influenced my life badly. If you are feeling really bad about this situation, it might be good to talk about it with someone you trust, and or a counselor, you don't necessarily have to go into the whole ddlg thing, but having someone to vent to at least would be good.

Apart from that, you could do things to distract yourself and make you happy. Like various littlespace activities. Also if he was the main connection in your life up until now, spending time with other friends or making new friends to hang out with would be great for you too (be it other littles online, or non ddlg related people irl).

It seems like it will take some time to sort out some problems for him, and it will take some time for you to adust to not seeing or talking to him so much, so give yourself time and allow yourself to breathe. Good luck xx

Best Wishes <3

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