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my daddy left me. after nearly a year, after giving him all my trust, everything i had, he left me. for another girl. has anybody's daddy/mommy ever done this? i don't know how to get past it. my heart is torn to shreds.... anybody with any advice on how to move past a daddy leaving you please help.

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By Tiger9984
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Im not a little, but i do have some experience with breakups/rejections. I would say first you should accept he's gone and the reason why he left.

Then start focusing on yourself. You said you gave him all your trust, that you will need to rebuild . You should spend time with yourself learn how to love yourself once agian without your old daddy. You can meditate, spend time with friends and family, try different/healthy emotional releases in and out of little space to help with your feelings on this. Crying and having a broken heart is important to healing but please don't let yourself be sad and depressed for too long. Dont remense on the bad just because you can. Remember to talk to someone if you start feeling too down.

Also think back on the relationship when your ready and see what could have been different or better so you can look for that in a new relationship. It may not be my space to say this but also dont rush into a new relationship until your ready, your trust and love for yourself is truly rebuilt and you no longer think about this break up as much.

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