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I'm just making this post to remind everybody that it's ok to take a break from little stuff. It doesn't mean you aren't a little anymore. When life gets really busy and you constantly have other things that you need to be doing, it's ok to take a break from little stuff. I personally have been really busy the past few weeks and have not had time to do little stuff but I'm still a little.

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It’s worth noting that being a Little is a personality trait. A Little is a Little regardless of what environment they’re in, what items they have, what responsibilities they may need to carry out.

We personally can not understand breaks (whether in relationships, with activities), and we would never be able to take a successful break from Littlespace. However, we want to give reassurance that true Littlespace goes beyond doing Little activities and such, and it is always a set of thoughts and feelings, and not acting upon them does not deny one’s status as a Little unless such Little grows to be uninterested.

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