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If you feel like you don't have control over your regression and it's interfering with your day to day actions and responsibilities, that's a sign that it might be a good thing to get a therapist involved, just to give you some tools to work within that space.

But if it's not actually interfering or putting you in dangerous situations (regression while driving a car, for instance, could be dangerous to you or those around you, depending on the extend of the regression), then enjoy the feeling of being little and go about your business there.

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I've had the same issues and still deal with it from time to time. I find that making time to be little while I'm home makes it less likely to regress in public, of course sometimes it just pops up and you can't control it, so I try to "stay in the moment" and not getting lost in my head by paying attention to my surroundings and naming objects that I see until I can get somewhere I can let go. Hope this helps!

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