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If you're having a hard time getting into little space because you feel overwhelmed and don't have much free time, try doing a few little things in your free time! When I get a few extra minutes at the end of one of my classes, I doodle. If you're a secret little, then you might want to draw something that isn't too child like. I'd suggest something kawaii. If you don't like drawing, then you could get an adult coloring book and color in your spare time. Just do small things that you can do in only a few minutes, but will still satisfy your little side.

Hopefully this helps!

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Littlespace is only a relaxed state of mind that tends to ease your mental processing. It is not a magical state of mind where

For your case, we suggest that you pick up on small yet engaging activities, such as what Princessmommy said in coloring books. A few other activities may be playing with toys, watching kids shows, or solving puzzles aimed at children.

Don’t forget that you have to try and focus on what you are doing at the moment and not on extra activities. If you get distracting thoughts that pull you from what Little activities you are doing, attempt to pull yourself back into the moment.

Biological children barely think about the future unless they are excited about an event to come, for the most part.

Also, we strongly suggest you do not validate not having a caregiver as the source of your inability to slip into Littlespace. Otherwise you will fall into a common and saddening vicious cycle of unhappiness, where you become desperate to partner with a caregiver but the desperation makes it harder for you to find one.

It is better if you work on yourself first, and, if you do decide to find a partner, that you do so independently of your thoughts and feelings. A Caregiver would be most happy to take on a Little that is already in stable conditions and happy with their Little selves!

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My littlespace is not 100% as well. Ever since I've embraced this sense of mentality and way that I seem to be, I've always been ashamed and embarrassed by it. It doesn't matter how much I color, it doesn't matter if I genuinely feel like being in a onesie and sit down to watch something fun. In my head there's a little voice constantly bothering me and reminding me of my reality, that I'm an adult and I have to do things I may not want to do. It also doesn't help that I have reasons from my past that haven't been helping with improving this issue, the main problem being that I was sensually active (as in, I was already aware of adult art and even sensually selfplaying) before I was even ten years old (This is why you are extremely mindful of children being on the internet without restrictions or even a careful eye over their shoulder, it was already too late when I was caught and my mother certainly didn't seem to care enough about how I was destroying my sanctity, anyways...) I bring this up to make my main point: I grew up way too fast and I feel like my mindset has always been wired to non-childish things, this has been my life for as long as I remember. To suddenly try and break away from my OCD, neurotic-like mannerisms to constantly do chores and other adult things is obviously not as easy as one would hope.

To make it worse, the extent of my little side is limited. I don't do any versions of baby talking or babble, the idea of it embarrasses me to no end. My partner's caregiver name isn't "Daddy" either, I prefer him as my Senpai. The way the "D" word rolls off my tongue disgusts me, and I don't call my bio father "daddy" so it's not like I'm affiliating the term to family! It's not other people either, I just personally don't like the way it sounds. Part of me feels like I could say I'm not a "real" little, I do things littles do and I take great enjoyment and comfort out of these things, but I don't have that ageplay and/or regression mindset that people can put themselves into. If I attempt to, I usually end up crying, I feel the usual embarrassment and shame, but I also end up feeling unsafe even? My childhood wasn't the most stable and it's a good reason why I'm so very bitter to people, so trying to regress can be a stressful, emotional moment for me until I give up and stay in a big mindset. It can be awkward sitting in a onesie while watching or doing adult things sometimes, so it really sucks that I can't seem to chill out.

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