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We want to know what divergent/taboo/“wrong” opinions you have about the CGL community. We would also like to know your opinion on what you think of our own opinions.

We do ask, before you reply, that you read the entire post, and that you scrutinize our motivation for such post. At first glance it could seem bigoted and gatekeeper-ish, but we are trying to invoke feelings of compassion and unity. We too are part of the community and have done our share of work to help build it.

In this post we will give a small background which we use to justify our opinions, following with giving a few opinions that may seem divisive, each opinion being lightly explored.

LSO is a safe place for discussion, but we haven’t really seen discussion enough about the community itself to warrant the need for a safe space. We want to test the real levels of tolerance of the community.

We have observed the community grow for the past decade or so. We came from an AB/DL background and it was only recently that we became aware of the broader CG/L community. It has been wonderful meeting people with different experiences and whom experience regression differently.

However, the influx of people joining the community has, in our opinion, come with difficulties maintaining a single community mentality, and many different definitions have surged to cover the need for the community to more appropriately define itself.

This, in turn, has weakened the community to the point where everybody is forced to accept anything under the Little or CG/L or DDLG banners, which we are unhappy about. As a result, many opinions have become solidified, while others have become too divergent to even bring up.

Thankfully, we have grown the courage to feel safe within the community to come out and question the realities. These are a few of our opinions:

We believe that there are “fake” Littles. And they are more prevalent than most think

We define “fake” as people who selectively observe community activities, such as using pacifiers, wearing onesies, coloring books, more as cute trends than an expression of Littlespace.

Pacifiers are fun to use. Onesies are comfortable to wear. Coloring books is relaxing. Cartoons can be entertaining. You do not need to be a kid or have the mindset of a child to enjoy any of these activities.

Real Littles use these activities as forms of self expression of their inner selves and as ways to engage with Littlespace, while in Littlespace. These activities feel as if they are the appropriate activities for a Little’s regression age-range.

And there are many questions that many people who claim being Little do not even bother or know to ask, our couldn’t give a straight answer. Questions such as:
  • Why am I more predisposed to liking activities and media geared towards younger audiences?
  • What experiences have lead me to believe that I do not fully identify as an adult?
  • What traits in my personality are seldom found in adulthood that are more common during childhood?
  • How does my world view differ from more common and open world views?
  • What makes me feel and think the way I do?
  • What draws me to the lifestyle?
Regression is not by itself and in any way related to BDSM, power-play, domination/submission. Littles are not submissive by nature, and Caregivers are not dominant by nature.

There definitely are activities that require one party to be in command of the situation. It even happens naturally in most relationships, where one party naturally have more control in a positive manner. That does not mean that there is Domination/Submission involved, but more of a distinction in roles and expectations.

When talking about Caregivers and Littles, even the act of setting rules and such is not necessarily a display of dominance, assuming that the rules are not for play. They could be more of a way for a Caregiver to show love, care, and compassion to their Little who may feel lost in adulthood.

For the case of much younger Littles, such as Adult Babies and Babygirl/boys, accepting special treatment from Caregivers, such as diaper changes, spoon-feeding–these activities spring from the need of the Little party to depend on their caregiver. However, the Caregiver accepts the responsibility of caring for another body, and so, submits to the needs and desires of their Little.

Any other activities, alternate lifestyle choices, and kinks include D/s. Littlespace, by itself, does not.

The community as a whole is more accepting than it should be; it could benefit from structure that comes from unspoken rules.

To be clear: absolutely nobody /needs/ to justify to us or to anybody about who they are and what they identify as. There should be nothing stopping anybody from adopting the identity of Little, or any identity for that matter. Littlespace is open for all to try out and enjoy and adopt as a lifestyle.

However, we say that the community is too accepting of who it accepts as a Little, while not accepting of ideas that question what makes a Little what they are.
A person with a cute onesie? They are Little. A person holding a pacifier in their mouth? So cute, must be a Little. Watching cartoons? You definitely are a Little!
We think that there is a lot more that constitutes what a Little is than simple activities and objects designed for children. To include thoughts, feelings, behaviors. And we feel many are afraid to call out those who don’t seem genuine.

We do not expect everybody to be pointing fingers all over the place. What we do wish is that the community was decent enough to discourage superficial practices, and not be afraid to question actions that do not seem to fall in line with what the community is and should be.

Ageplay is not Littlespace, and Littlespace is not only ageplay.

Littlespace has ageplay involved. But ageplay is only one component of what Littlespace is.

Ageplay is only acting of an age different than one’s own, younger or older. Ageplay in the context of Littlespace is the playing of the role of a younger self. Note the use of playing of the role, and not roleplay. Roleplay has been given a meaning all by itself, characterized as adopting a momentary role in a small play or a scene, with a definite beginning and end.

What ageplay fails to describe is the context of the person’s needs and reasoning behind Littlespace. Ageplay by itself does not explain the complex network of thoughts and experiences that has led a person to be a Little. Ageplay only dictates the manner in which the person wishes to externalize their feelings through actions.

Anyway, we would like to thank you for going through this post. We understand if it is very dense and opinionated, though we really hope that we can start a conversation about what makes Littlespace more special than an individual activity and why there is a need for community. :heart:

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