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My little normally goes to little space when he's stressed or anxious . He likes physical contact the most to calm him but I really want to try new things to help him. I've done things like rubbing his back,giving him back tickles and playing with his hair. He says it helps but I want to do more. Any ideas ? Thanks x
I'm a mommy of a little and he tends to get very anxious and stressed. I'm looking for new ways to calm him down. Physical things seem to work more but I'm open to ANY suggestions. X
What tends to relax me is really just simple things. I love just to cuddle with a stuffed toy or my blanket and not think about the rest of the world. Being in my little clothing; sleeper for example helps me relax. I don't know if your little boy likes them but I find diapers very relaxing. When going to bed taking my bottle full of warm milk with me as well as my favorite stuffed toy makes me very relaxed.

In general I'd say anything you can do to make him feel safe and loved will help him relax.

Good Luck :heart:
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