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By DaddiesTinyBaby
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Um hi so my daddy and i have been together for almost a year and i half and i realky love him but were having a few probelms and i dont know who to go to. First i dont think he really likes my littlespace but he says he does and not to worry about it (that might just be me worrying). Second tonight we had a fight where i showd his picture to one of my friends and he got mad at me for doing so. I didnt understand it and i was in littlespace so i didnt really not what to do cause he shows pictured of me to his friends all the time. The think is he just like shows them and i texted it to my friend. He called me worthless and stupid and it made me really sad and i started crying and he was yelling at me. Hes still mad and i dont know what to do cause i cant talk to anyone about it really. Um thanks for listening to me rant sorry bye

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That’s unfortunate, sorry to hear that ):
It’s never nice to be berated by people you love or care about.
I don’t know the whole story just by what you’ve said- but calling you worthless is really below the belt. That’s never something anyone should say to someone they love.

I’m sure with communication after he’s calmed down a bit, things may turn out alright.

Maybe ask him why it’s not okay to show your friend his picture, but it’s okay for him to show his friends yours?
He might be self-conscious, and maybe it’s never come up before. Guys can be secretive about that kinda stuff sometimes.
Maybe he doesn’t see a problem showing your pics because he thinks you’re beautiful and can’t see why you wouldn’t like people looking. But when it comes to himself, maybe he’s more self-conscious about people looking at him and doesn’t like himself very much.

Either way it’s def worth talking to him once things have settled down a bit. Otherwise it doesn’t seem fair to anyone.

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