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I just got my wisdom teeth taken out a couple hours ago and for some odd reason, the whole experience made me feel soo little. Maybe it's that i'm getting so much attention and i'm getting babied a lot. Plus i can only eat soft foods. I cant let myself go into little space for a few more hours though because i have to be super careful with the gauze. If i don't bite hard enough, i might get a dry socket!! owwiee.
I'm so super duper excited for when Daddy comes home because he'll baby me a lot and that's my favorite thing in the whole world ever. AAAAA im so excited!! I'll probably start to hurt soon, though :tears: I hope it's not too bad, I'm kinda a weenie with mouth pain. They gave me medicine but i'm still super nervous. I can't have any icecream until my blood clots but as soon as it happens, I get to go get a chocolate milkshake!!!!!! I looove chocolate milkshakes but i don't let myself eat them unless it's a special occasion so i haven't had one in forever.

I don't know where i was going with this post..I think i was just wondering if surgery or being sick makes anyone else feel little?

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