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By PrincessPetals
Hi there! I was wondering what outfits/hairstyles/makeup/other beauty things you do when in little space? What do you wear to make you feel little? How do you do your hair when you're in little space? I wear my hair in a lot of 'nymphet' hairstyles, to make me look younger anyway. I like to wear it in a bow at the top of my head the most, like this: ... Step-5.jpg. When I do makeup I like to do a sort of Korean Ulzzang look, but improvised for a western face. I wear my eyebrows straight with pink eyeshadow and blush and a little slick of mascara ^_^

So yeah, how do you dress to feel little? Let's share tips! :)

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By littlesophia13
I don't do makeup really, but when little I like to play dress up with it, so red lipstick and eye-shadow teehee

Mostly wear my hair in pigtails, but once I get more cutesy hair things I hope to wear bows and sparkly things :)

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