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I, personally, don't believe you need to have a Caregiver to be a little, adult baby, or a diaper lover. If you feel like you're little then you could do things on your own to express how your feelings and mindset are to it.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to find a Caregiver or Daddy Dom (or...a Mommy Domme, if you're so inclined--they do exist) then I'd suggest posting your personal ad here on Littlespace Online. There is a section dedicated to those of us who are seeking partners (sexual, nonsexual, romantically, platonic, etc). Just...join in!

Other than that, the Admin here created a wonderful resource post in the personals sections that is just unbeatable in terms of finding dating sites for ageplayers.

You can find a list of good ABDL / Ddlg / Mdlb / ageplay dating sites here: ... ?f=14&t=54

Take it easy though! You don't have to have a Big to be a little ;)

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