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I want to make my wardrobe more little I only have a binky (paci) and a few comfy pants and I don't know where to start with that, I know a lot of Etsy shops have very nice and expensive onesies or starter packs but I want to start small so I can afford it. it's the details that I focus on like I want slippers and socks or a special blanket to carry around (i work at home) all of my clothes feel too serious, I want to wear something to relax and feel like myself.
Regardless of clothes, you always are a Little and you don't need clothes to be who you are!

Anyway, we recommend that you stay away from starter packs and surprise boxes. You can very easily find comparable products for cheaper, and the typical products offered are mostly junky, cheap items that are readily available in your local supermarkets.

If it's inexpensive wardrobe that you're looking for, and depending on your Little age, you might find that pajama sets can be fun, playful and comfortable. We do not have any concrete store suggestions or listings, aside from this cute little set we got for ourselves. VENTELAN Women Pajama Set Cute Cartoon Character

If you want comprehensive list of options available in the market for Littles, you can go to this link in DateCGL (LittlespaceOnline's Sister site):
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