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Do you feel it's personally necessary to come out specifically as a little to someone in your life?

A lot of littles want to come out to their significant other(s), biological parents, or closest friend(s) so that they are acknowledged and accepted specifically as a regressor.

A lot of other littles don't want to come out at all and feel that the passive acceptance of their self is enough.

How do you think you feel about these options? Do you want to be specifically recognized as regressing or would you rather just gently expose your closest friends/family to your littlespace and let them passively accept you as being a bit different? Do you feel like coming out is necessary for your own personal validation when it comes to your friends and family?

Do you feel like coming out could, would, or does benefit you in any way?
Do you feel like coming out is unnecessary for your ultimate happiness?

Do you personally feel that you prefer to come out and be tied to the little label or have an explicit explanation provided to the closest people in your life?
Do you personally feel that you prefer to not be tied to any label and simply be accepted as being quirky at times?

Is coming out as a little important to you?
Coming out of the toybox has not been a focal point in our lives, and it has had minimal to no impact whatsoever in our self-exploration and self-expression.

For years we have been great at reading a room and figuring out just how childish it is acceptable to be without pushing any boundaries or making anybody uncomfortable. For example, at work we were able to get away with playing with Duplos (the toddler versions of Legos) without people really questioning why or making any negative comments whatsoever. People simply passively accepted us as being quirky and different without us needing to explicitly call ourselves out.

Littlespace is a natural part of our day-to-day. We often find moments where we can relax and enjoy being ourselves, throttling how regressed we are expressing ourselves.

Anyway, for the people close enough to us for us to consider friends, we have come out. Not seeking acceptance, not seeking validation. Simply because we thought it was polite of us to give them a potential explanation as to why we are how we are, moreso as a way of bonding. Like "we trust you enough to let you know the reasons why we exist, and why we are friends", sort of thing. We love being able to confide in our friends, and we have never been unsuccessful after such revelations.
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