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Hello everyone!
I'm new to being a little and I love it! I'm a busy person and I want to know if you have advice how to balance being a little while being a career driven individual?

Thank you!
I personally think tha is better to find a daddy to help. This is from experince. I've never had a CG before but I know I need one with how hazardous I can be. :craze: Unless you're one of those who can manage on your own.

I unable stick to ANY schedule I make, since I only make those when I'm in an envionment where I have to focus, such as work, or there will be consiquences. But when thas over, I'm a gonner until I'm probably gonna be late the next day(which I often times am these days). :>.<:
That’s a hard one!! Time management is one of my biggest weaknesses and I’m extremely forgetful. I use a ton of alarms on my phone and constant reminders from my bio mom. I share every appointment or major event with her and she keeps a calendar for me and reminds me the week before and day before or day of etc. My boyfriend is starting to take over with helping me with time management. He gives me gentle reminders even down to the last minute like “Baby remember in 20 minutes we have to leave, are you ready?” so I get a chance to be prepared and not be late. I’m always in little space and in public I try to reign it in but at home it’s free game. So yes tons of alarms, sticky notes, to-do lists and chore charts. I also have a really fun pink date book with tons of stickers and glitter pens. I will actually pay attention to it cause it’s so appealing to my little tastes. You just have to try different things to see what works for you. Maybe you have a friend that would understand your little needs and act as a cg or “babysit” when you need it?? I hope you find the balance you are seeking! :heart: Of

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