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So I will do something bad, so his daddy's voice comes out. I try and get him to punish me but he doesn't. I ask him about it and he says hes saving them as spankings when we are together, but now I have about 500 and counting...One thing is I don't necessarily listen to him all the time but that's because he doesn't really force anything so I think I just get away with most things...He says when we live together is when it will happen but I want it now...How can i get him to stick to punishments and/or talk to him about this??

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in my opinion, its seeming like he is looking for a reason to not punish you. you dont have to be in a irl relationship/living together to have punishments or things like that. I would talk to him, asking him to do what you just posted. you want him to be more assertive. you want him to punish you now. ask him if there is a reason why he has to do it in person, why can he not do it now. i would honestly be 100% honest and tell him different ways to punish you with the LDR or the non living together.

also for another thing to think about is he going to find a reason why he cant do it when you guys move in together? he should start now so you have a better sense of what you like and what he likes and what he wants etc. so he can also be more comfortable. but yeah make sure you do ask him if theres a reason behind it. like is he nervous? self conscience? like what is it that makes him say in person punishments only?

just be honest with him and tell him how you feel. give him ideas that would give him ideas as to some of the things you want done.

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