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Night time eating!

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Night time eating!

Postby +Sillylittlelady+ » 8 months ago

Eating at night is my big problem.. my boyfriend does not get home until 7pm and then i kinda snack... Around 9pm or so... I am bored through out the day since he works a bunch and when he is home he is to tired to walk or anything.. I have very high social anxiety and hate going out alone.. so i stay inside... I feel like i don't eat much but... I snack a lot... I dunno what to do.. i have a wii fit but normally i do that for a week then give up.. i want to lose weight before next summer since my best friend is getting married and i am a brides maid and my boyfriend has his highschool reunion!

If anyone has any tips or anything or maybe would like to pm me or kik feel free to do so..

Oh i drink water or tea (: i dislike soda!
Thanks for your help!

Oh my goal is 30 or 40 pounds! (:

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