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By Isabelle
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I really want to work harder on losing weight but its really hard for me. I am down about 30 pounds but it's taken me years to do it, I tend to lose 3-4 pounds then go nowhere for months. I have been keeping up with exercise for about two years now, I know I need to do it more but I struggle because exercise can trigger a panic attack. I'm doing 15-20 minutes 3-5 days a week which is less then dr recommended 30 minutes 5 days a week, but two years ago when I started I could only do 5 minutes at a time because of the panic. So I'm improving but it does take time. My other problem is that feeling hungry/stomach growling can also cause a panic attack or high anxiety, so I can't just 'sit with hunger' to lose weight. I am also in a house that tends to value buying and having sweets around all the time :>o<: and due to my anxiety issues I can't join a gym or go outside. I only have exercise dvds and free weights (2 and 3 pounds). Any ideas? I'd like to set a goal of losing 25 pounds next year but I can imagine if I'm lucky I'll barely get 5 off ::(:

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