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I use adult ones. but the ones i bought have a little plastic seam on them that hurt my tongue sometimes. I got it on amazon. i have found them in different places. the decoration on the different look different but the paci itself looks the same? does anyone know where to get the ones that dont have that little seam? or how to get rid of the little seam? :paci:

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We know what pacifiers you are talking about. These were originally from baby-pants.com, but it appears to be that Chinese manufacturing have either stolen the design (right down to the lettering the teats have), or they produced so many that the same manufacturer supplies to all the store we can now see selling these cheap pacifiers.

Word of advice: don’t purchase these. These are toys and they do not feel like pacifiers are supposed to feel. Pacifiers are supposed to be able to adjust to the user’s mouth, and these, not being hollow, are not what pacifiers are like.


If you want to buy medical-grade pacifiers, there are a few options. You have to look for Nuk-5. The actual Nuk-5 (Nuk is a brand and 5 is the size). Do not go for pacifiers that claim they are Nuk-5 or Nuk-6 or Nuk-7, as these do not exist and they are more likely to be the same cheap knockoffs. Look for only the original brand. You can find it here:


Be sure to go to the Gerber NUK tab. Otherwise all others (aside the MAM tab which we have no updated information of) are just the same garbage you find in most online stores carrying adult pacifiers.

Real adult pacifiers are very expensive. If you have money to invest, we would suggest you go to
Pacefiers R Us. They have a great variety of therapeutic pacifiers.

If you want a pacifier that would be the perfect adult equivalent of a baby pacifier, then head over to Pacifier R Us’ sister webpage, Adult Pacifier, which carries the same teats as Pacifiers R Us, plus, carries larger guards. It is the priciest option by far, but well worth the investment.

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