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By Deleted User 51478
I enjoy age regression and being a little because it makes me happy.
I am happy with the little things in life, and I have never found myself wanting or needing what others consider special or desirable (like new purses or fancy clothing).

When I was 8, I was molested for 3 days by two of my uncles.

I finally (at age 27) told my parents about what happened.

I am free to do whatever I please with life, and no matter what has happened to me, I will always love who I am. I learned through most of my time on Earth so far to love who YOU are, not what others want you to BE.

I love coloring books, I love stickers, I enjoy going to an arcade or even a sleep-over. I love making little friends.

I have endometriosis with incontinence, so wearing a diaper was already something I had to do, but I enjoy finding cute, adorable ones.

My husband knows about me being a little, and welcomes it openly. It's love and understanding that makes me happiest about it all.

Never be ashamed of who you are, and always know that there are people there for you.

Being little makes me happy too! I regress mainly because of childhood trauma. It's almost a form of dissociation for me. My little time makes me happy and I can be carefree and feel cared for and small and protected for a bit. ::3:
Interesting that we seem to have similar experiences with childhood trauma. Mine was more linked to my uncle trying to kill me when I was young and my family calling me a liar when I told them. It was around the age of 10. So needless to say, I don't actually trust people easily. Regressing is a way for me to find that trust and respect again in my life and it helps with the severe depression that I have to deal with on a daily basis.
I regress because I wasn't born into the correct body, because my mental illness started at a very early age (5), because it was easier to make a living and have a decent life during the time when I was a kid, because I have extreme depression that has gotten worse with age, because I hated what puberty did to my body, because nothing else makes me happy outside of drugs, and because everything was better in childhood!
At this time last year, I had no idea that there was even such a thing as a little; I just know I've always loved plushies and coloring and playing with toys and generally more simple and child-like things. I've also always retained my childish demeanor and innocence, which can be either a hindrance or a help depending on what I'm doing at the time.

Late last year I was able to confront the fact that my sister and I were abused as children (my sister is a little also); we were also 'latchkey kids' growing up, so we both grew up with various feelings of general neglect as well; pretty much it was either negative attention or no attention. That coupled with the fact that our parents were very strict and fundamentalist ultimately led to us never really getting the chance to 'grow up', so I think we just never did. We both like being littles, where everything seems more simple and carefree, and both of our spouses are supportive and caring.

For me it's just an aspect of my personality; I have no interest in most adult things and would just rather do little stuff. ^_^
I feel like I have always been small
I was in an out of abusive foster homes from ages 18 months old to 6 years and finally got in a stable adopted home when 7.
I never knew why I felt small until about a year and half ago from my therapist.
It's apart of who I am and always will be. I also have DID due to the abuse.
My current partner/fiance is so gsntle and understands why I regress

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