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By MetalHeadDaddy
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So I got a cheap little laptop that seems to to support Tabletop Simulator.

If you are not familiar with Tabletop Simulator it is a basic physics sandbox but there's a table. Doesn't sound like much but thanks to the internet there are a bunch of mods made for it to replicate a variety of boardgames. Load up your table, load up your game, invite your friends and play over the internet.

I'm off on Tuesdays and I love board games so I was hoping I could host a few games on Tuesdays for the community.

I would like to get a game of Betrayal at House on the Hill started 7/17/18 12pm Central time. The game supports up to 6 players so we can get a decent sized game going.

After that game I'd like to squeeze in a game of Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards. This game also supports up to 6 players.

If there is enough of a gathering for this I will have to enforce that the second group is different from the first group to ensure everyone gets a chance to play. I'd also like to do this every Tuesday afterwards.

Tabletop Simulator costs $20 dollars. Sorry but you will have to purchase it for use. I am not involved at all with Tabletop Simulator. I do not benefit in any way shape or form from you buying the game.

All the mods I have been adding are 100% free. There are a few paid mods here and there but only one person has to have it and if there's a large enough support for the game I'll probably be willing to drop the cash for it.


Q: Only on Tuesdays? I can't make Tuesdays!
A: Sorry about that. I work a lot of hours and Tuesdays are the only reliable day off for me. That said the game is only $20 and the mods are free. You and your group can feel free to host a game for Littlespace anytime. No one would be offended.

Q: Ugh I hate the games you pick. Can we play this instead?
A: I do not make the mods so I can not custom deliver games for you. If there is a free mod for the game you want though link it here and we'll give it a shot. If it's a paid mod try to garner up support for the game first so i can see there is at least an audience for it before I pay for it.

Q: Your F.A.Q sucked. It didn't answer my question!
A: 1) That's not a question. 2) Just ask here.

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All times in Central time

Betrayal at House on the Hill
Players: 3 - 6
Type: Exploration, Co-operative, Hidden Traitor, Horror
Trigger Warning: Spooky, horror, (I have played the physical version and the physical version is not that scary nor does it have scary/obscene artwork. I will double check the mod to ensure it stays faithful but I can not guarantee that mod maker didn't make it worse)
How to play:

Epic Spell War of the Battle Wizards
Players 3- 6
Type: Card, Competitive, Fantasy, Dirty Humor
Trigger Warnings: Generally PG-13 but it does have some gross (think garbage pail kids) artwork and risque humor.
How to play:

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