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I think there's lots and lots of ways to chew on stuff and it to not be a problem! Have things that are good and okay to chew on and it's ok! I don't see a reason to try to stop putting things in mouth, it feels so good and soothing.. Just pick good things to put in your mouth!

I have some teething rings in the freezer I bought a long time ago for when I want to chew stuff. Just normal baby teething rings.

I haven't gotten to buy it yet, but there's some really great looking chewable jewelry out there. The mushroom necklace Stimtastic has is cool because I've heard people say it can be used a lot like a pacifier! That sounds like a good solution. You just wear it on your neck, everyone thinks it's normal jewelry, but you can have it with you whenever you want and you can chew or suck on it or just put it in your mouth whenever you want!

Good luck Luna! I think you're fine and great just the way you are, it's nice to chew and suck on stuff! :stuffie:

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